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Move over virus, I’m coming back.

Well, here in the UK we’ve had promising signs that we can *slowly* get back to something resembling normal life after having that virus hanging…
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Valentine’s Day is Any Day.

I know, I know (as I write this) it’s a bit early for any ‘Valentine’ stuff . But, IS IT? When is it too early to talk about romance…
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The ‘emotional’ vaccine we all need.

We’ve been doing our best to stay safe. We’ve been keeping our distance and we’ve been sanitizing our hands like it’s going out of fashion…
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Amana WalkerMove over virus, I’m coming back. https://t.co/T9zySaZNt7 #RoadmapOutOfLockdown
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Amana WalkerWhen you have ambition. When you want something badly. When you want to take huge steps forward. - you don't need… https://t.co/bDqoMk6a2I
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Amana Walker#MondayMotivation Need some? Listen to your self-talk. Does it move you forward, or hold you back? #YoureInCharge https://t.co/DRa1cUSNFI