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Love. At first sight.

Love. At first sight. Do you believe in that? It seems that our Prince Harry does! He said he fell in love with beautiful Meghan Markle the first time…
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Redundancy, Resignation…Who cares?

Restructure Redundancy Resignation Ready to give up…. When you’re going through a difficult time , it’s hard to know who you can rel…
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The Spotlight Is Always On You

Multitasking can be so overrated. You keep all of those plates spinning, for fear that one just might drop. But the reality is, your mind is jumping f…
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Amana WalkerA way to achieve peace.... #SpotlightOnYou https://t.co/1mPzPvjtoy
Amana Walker#ComfortZone .....Get out of it, and you'll go far. #TheSpotlightGuru https://t.co/uACm0sQcdX
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Amana Walker#LifeLessons Here's one for all you leaders out there. Correction... Here's one for ALL of us.… https://t.co/LhH9iEV9oP