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Life lessons….from ITV’s Love Island

You’ll either love it, hate it…or you might not even know what I’m talking about, but ITV2’s Love Island is now in full swin…
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Here’s what to do with worry

This is something I bet most of us do at some time or other. We worry. Well, we don’t JUST worry, we worry ourselves into a frenzy because one w…
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To get what YOU want, look right here…

How are you doing? I mean, after you’ve answered with the ‘I’m fine’ bit(yeah, it’s nonsense isn’t it?). Be honest with yourself and about…
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Amana WalkerLife lessons….from ITV’s Love Island https://t.co/1FxJiPoNOj
Amana WalkerCasa Amor…here we go! Lessons for us all, on #LoveIsland https://t.co/wqfpKryFhT
Amana WalkerSometimes, this ONE thing, is the only thing holding you back . https://t.co/WC15gvfEtE
Amana WalkerIf you're pointing the finger and criticising the #England performance, read this... https://t.co/h0rI1KMXBx… https://t.co/Pm7KYFpsQp